Today’s trendings in IT bring us closer to infrastructure virtualization and its’ availability in the cloud service shape. Thanks to this kind of architecture, the end user can access to the provided services from any location and any kind of device. The information becomes easily accessible regardless of whether the end user is at home, at his business partner’s office or any other location, and regardless of the device he’s using – his computer, smart-phone or tablet.

Cloud concept first apeared as a solution for scalability of hardware resources, which was later applied on software too. Today’s cloud solutions offer full abstraction of hardware infrastructures, which makes the work much simpler for the IT department using such systems: hardware maintenance, hard disk and server replacements, etc. become completely transparent in cloud environment. Cloud provider performs all those activities for the system user, and also guarantees data backups and replications.


The appearence of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions were the logical next step in virtualization. The user is being offered a new level of abstraction and a large number of problems dissapeared such as the OS choice, database choice, software compatibility, etc. Service providers takes the responsibility to solve all of those, which leaves much more time for the users to focus on their own business requirements.

companies use cloud solutions
savings on internal IT resources
improvement on service availability
customer support improvement
time savings

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In large portion of cases, companies can really reduce their IT resources to a minimum, because SaaS solutions provide efficient IT support for the business. On the other hand many companies have specific needs and their IT teams can focus on adaptation and development of new modules, while the cloud platform offers all the standard features for a given domain of activity. In both cases, companies obtain IT solutions for a successful business much easier than before.


By switching to cloud solutions, companies can acquire the necessary IS for their business much faster, which allows them an accelerated improvement of productivity. The usual way of billing SaaS solutions largely reduces initial investments, and in the long term allows an efficient adaptation of IT expenses to the real needs of customers.

The main concern of companies considering a cloud IT solution is the data safety. That concern is completely justified and every company must be aware of the fact that its’ business can be endangered if their data gets to the wrong hands. Regardess of that, we can say biggest problem of cloud solutions, cloud solution usage trending is still growing, which means that the IT companies providing this kind of services have very strong arguments and guarantees for data safety.

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