Let us introduce you…. your customers !

In order to create a trustful relationship and achieve mutual satisfaction in colaborating with your customers, it’s very important to really know your customer. Everyone will think that this is already the case, but ask yourself if you can answer these questions:

  • What are your customers’ goals and what are the problems that prevent them from achieving them ?
  • What are the products/services that your customers are using ?
  • How satisfied are them by your collaboration, and how can you improve it ?
  • When did one of your employees last get in touch with your customer and what was the topic of that conversation ?
  • What are all the new products or servces that your customer would use if you could provide them ?
  • Are you able to classify the worthiness of your customers ?

CRM shows you the way

Before anything else, CRM is a strategy, a concept of business. It is only later that the name was taken by the tools that help you implement this concept – the CRM software. CRM (whether we speak about the software or the strategy) emphasizes the processes of sales and marketing and assures their centralization. Automatization of these business processes, as well as the possibility to make them available to everyone in the company, improves the productivity, collaboration and sales.

Volvox can be your CRM partner


Open-source integration

  • Installation of your CRM solution
  • Adapting of the solution to your company
  • Preparation for exploitation


Our team at your service

  • Training of your employees
  • Technical support
  • We are available for all your questions and remarks

CRM that fits your needs

  • Possibility of adaptation of existing modules
  • Creation of new software modules adapted for your needs
  • Analysis of your requirements and consulting

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