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Customer Details advanced

Zendesk Support Customer details Advanced App Customer Details Advanced App...

Marketplace Channels

Zendesk Support Marketplace Channels Marketplace Channels : fully omnichannel Our Marketplace...

Darty Connector

Zendesk Support Darty Connector App Darty Connector App Darty connector...

Order Details

Order details App

Customer Details

customer details app

Fnac connector

Zendesk Support FNAC Connector App Fnac Connector App Order details...

Server Monitor

Zendesk Support Server Monitor App Server Monitor App You want...

GDPR Extraction

Zendesk Support GDPR Extraction App GDPR Extraction App With this...

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Volvox is the first Zendesk partner in the region

Our incredible adventure with Zendesk lasts since 2016. Ever since, we've seen so many ways how Zendesk helped create a remarkable customer experience - we're proud to have contributed to the Zendesk story.

Volvox on Zendesk Marketplace

Zendesk ecosystem is very rich and the platform's power is largely based in all the different extensions and integrations have to offer. Some of those features have been provided by Volvox.