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Marketplace Channels

Marketplace Channels : fully omnichannel

Our Marketplace channels brings all the communication with your customers from different online marketplaces directly to Zendesk.

We offer the missing puzzle to fully centralize all the communication in the Zendesk Omnichannel solution. All the messages sent by your customers on different marketplaces will arrive directly to your Zendesk instance. Your agents will respond directly from Zendesk and avoid using several different tools in they day to day work. This will boost your agent’s performance and satisfaction and will allow you to obtain a global vision of your support activity, allowing you to further improve your support.

Zendesk power for all the marketplaces

Once the messages arrive, it’s all about Zendesk power ! This means you can integrate marketplace messages seamlessly in your support processes, apply SLAs, triggers, automations, etc. Moreover, all your support activity being centralized in a single tool, you can use Zendesk Explore for producing overall customer support reporting allowing you to track your KPIs and improve the satisfaction.

Supported marketplaces

These are just some of the marketplaces we support – contact us if you want to know if your marketplace is supported too.

Connected platforms

These are the main underlying marketplace platforms that we support.

Learn more about Mirakl-powered marketplace synchronization.


Learn more about Fnac/Darty-powered marketplace synchronization.


Learn more about Octopia-powered marketplace synchronization.


Learn more about Kaufland-powered marketplace synchronization.

Our pricing plans

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